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Wedding Entertainment Services.

We Love to make your wedding day the very best it can be , Entertaining your guess and there children, or the Bride and Groom with our amazing Sweep. 

Wedding Services that we recommend Business that we have met and fully believe in, List at the bottom of this page.

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Victorian  Chimney Sweep  (Why have a sweep at your wedding)

The Lucky Chimney Sweep Wedding Tradition

Good Luck is sure to rub off when the groom shakes hands with a Lucky Chimney Sweep who will have a "Lucky Kiss" for the new bride. With the power vested in him by King George II, following a tradition that started about 200 years ago when a London chimney sweeper saved the life of King George II. The sweep had been the only person brave enough to stop the King's out of control horses and carriage.

By Royal Decree the King proclaimed that all sweeps are good luck bearers and should be treated with respect. The folklore was established and to this day chimney sweepers are invited to attend weddings and kiss the bride for good luck.

Our sweep will arrive at the wedding at a time pre planned by who ever books him, as it may not be the Bride or Groom.  He will address  the Bride and Groom and there guess with the short history as to why sweeps ended up at weddings by way of a story, then there are different options, a gift can be given, champagne can be opened and pored for the Bride and Groom, then putting a coin of that year in the cork, or any other idea you may have, then the Bride and Groom with the guess can go off with the Photographer  to have the photo's taken including the Sweep to help build in a treasured Memory.

Prices start from: £99 for one hour 



Mr Posh Balloony

Mr Balloony will find it a privilege to entertain your guests,  Mr Balloony he has a top hat and tails to look the part, for the poshest of Weddings, Functions, Christenings, throughout the function he makes humour a central part reaching young and old alike, he has a dance around, still making Balloons as he boogies to the music .  Balloon games can be arranged if suitable for you.

Mr Balloonys  aim is to make each and every wedding or Function the best and most remembered occasion for the people there. Achieving great memories. I find  the children are fascinated with the amazing balloons that can be made with a selection of amazing modelled balloons. And if there is a DJ that i can work with them and  we can add that little extra to bring fun and Joy to your occasion.

​Prices start from: £160 for Two hour. 

If there is no Music in the time when Mr Balloony is there, then he can provide a Mini Disco to bridge the gap until the evening DJ arrives or as the main Entertainment for the games or dancing for all.

​Prices start from: £200 for Two hour.