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our history

My Name is Darren,  i am  Mr Balloony , over the years  I have had a lot of experiance working with Children and young people, as a CUB leader, youth worker, assistant ice hocky coach, and joint founder of  wheels in motion jump and trials bike display team, helping to raise money for the Eastwood skate Park, ( still there now ).

With DBS

Also a Farther  I am passionate  about what i do and the joy of seeing happy children and families. I put massive effort in to each party we create,  , our newest team members, Loony Balloony (Adam) and his Wife Jo, Sharna, Wayne, Lucy , Aim  party assistants ( Mascots) there are exciting times ahead with new parties being created all the time like Pony  THEMED PARTIES,

I can honestly say the best parties  we have had are the ones that we have planned with the customers on the phone, as the ones booked though Message only and seem to miss out on our creativity, we love to be included in the planning of the parties . so we encourage you to call and have a relaxed  chat and enjoy our friendly and reliable service, please take a good look around the site and we look forward to working with you at some point.


"It’s amazing what we can do when we come together to plan your Parties".

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